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Welcome to the Club!

November 2023

Our brand new Mystic Moraine Minerals Exclusive Club monthly newsletter!

What's new at Mystic Moraine Minerals?

The Mystic Moraine Minerals are venturing into the new territories of online sales, new social media platforms, our new website and more!

Our new Online Store is set to debut this month! New and exciting minerals will be added every week, with each item available only through the online store. These pieces will be brand new store inventory, never seeing the sales floor and going straight to this exclusive collection. With shipping included in the purchase price there is something special for everyone.

In addition to exclusive mineral pieces, our Online Store will also boast Mystic Moraine merchandise designed by our own in house graphic designer. Rock puns, mineral themed designs, Mystic Moraine Minerals branded apparel and more will be available just in time for the holidays.

The team will also be re-launching our Tiktok platform with plans to give a more behind the scenes look at the store. Follow along for mineral of the month facts and silly antics with the team. We will be working toward gaining 1000 followers so that we can pursue Tiktok Live sales alongside our Monday Mineral Madness Facebook shows. Once we reach our follower goal we will be holding a raffle for a chance to win a gorgeous Thunder Bay Amethyst. Help us reach our goal by following us at @MysticMoraine on Tiktok.

New Material

Following Labradorite being October's Mineral of the Month, we have received a giant lot of stunning Purple Labradorite. Freeforms, palm stones, and gorgeous statement pieces full of purple labradorescence.

We also received a very limited supply of gorgeous Gel Amazonite. These pieces are breathtaking! We encourage all to come into the store to see them as photos do not do them justice.

By popular demand we have a plethora of new carvings in a multitude of materials. Animal carvings,

towers, hearts, and more have all his the shelves with even more filtering to the sales floor as they are received into inventory.


November Mineral of the Month - Selenite

Selenite is a variety of the gypsum mineral. It also comes in varieties known as desert rose, satin spar and gypsum flower. Selenite is formed from calcium sulfate dihydrate and is a monoclinic crystal. It comes in pale shades of pearly white with a clay like texture.

Selenite typically forms in evaporite environments when saline water evaporates, leaving behind gypsum deposits. It can also form as a secondary mineral through the hydration of other calcium-bearing minerals or in hydrothermal veins associated with volcanic activity.

Learn more about this amazing mineral at


Lets wish a very Happy Birthday to our November birthday members!

  • November 1st - Tami Shaw

  • November 8th - Michelle Ring

  • November 13th - Pamela Stephens


Show Schedule - Where can you find the Mystic Moraine Minerals team this month?

11/11 & 11/12 - Freeport Gem Show - By the Northwest Illinois Rock Club

Location - Freeport Eagles Club

2999 W. Pearl City Rd., Freeport, IL Saturday Nov 11th 9:00AM-5PM Sunday Nov 12th 10AM-4PM

11/18 & 11/19 - Madison Gem and Mineral Show

Location - Alliant Energy Center

1919 Alliant Energy Way, Madison WI Saturday Nov 18th 9:30AM-5PM Sunday Nov 19th 10AM-5PM


World Mineral News!

Geologists Unravel the Mysteries of Australia’s Rare Pink Diamonds.

September 20, 2023

Alpine rock reveals dynamics of plate movements in Earth's interior.

October 23, 2023

USGA Study Highlights potential of significant critical mineral resources in Western US.

October 27, 2023


Events right here at Mystic Moraine Minerals in Janesville Wisconsin

We are looking for crafters, educators, and fellow mineral fans who may have interest in hosting an event in our newly refreshed back room. Whether it be teaching a wire-wrapping class, or crafting crystal trees, we would love to foster your talent and bring creativity to our Mystic Moraine community. Contact the store today for more information.


Mystic Moraine Online!

Monday Mineral Madness - Join us every Monday night starting at 7pm central standard time for our Facebook Live Rock Show. Most of the pieces on our Monday night show are brand new inventory that has never seen the sales floor. We offer a variety of statement pieces, pocket stones, and minerals from all over the world!

Show Me Saturdays - Keep an eye out for our special Saturday posts on Facebook and Instagram, where our community gets a chance to show off their favorite pieces. Each Saturday is a different theme where we want to hear all about the pieces that get you excited about minerals.

TikTok - Learn about specific minerals with informational videos and demonstrations all on our Tiktok Channel. Follow the staff around on silly adventures and laugh along with us as we try to replicate the latest Tiktok trends.

Online Store - Our website boasts an awesome online store where you can find minerals that never hit our sales floor. These items are hand picked by the owner, Jack Hoxie and our Mystic Moraine Mineral team. With shipping included and new pieces added every week there is always something exciting to see in our online store.


Which mineral would you love to see featured as our next mineral of the month?

  • Carnelian

  • Pyrite

  • Lepidolite

  • Obsidian


Badger Rock Club

The Badger Rock Club was created to stimulate the interest of its members and the general public in the study of Mineralogy, Geology, Paleontology, and Archaeology.

  • Family Membership $20 per year

  • Single Membership $15 per year

Membership forms are available in store at Mystic Moraine Minerals.

This is one club you will want to be a part of!

Join the Badger Rock Club every 2nd Saturday at the community room at Festival Foods (2233 Humes Rd, Janesville, WI) at 10:30am for monthly meetings. Each meeting will host a different activity, with Novembers activity being soapstone carving!

Bring your soap stone that you collected this summer!! We'll have some extra tools and stones available. Also, bring any specimens that you would like photographed for the calendar!! We will also, hopefully, have some of the people that went to Arkansas at the meeting, so we can see some of their treasures and hear about their adventures!!

Every 4th Saturday of the month the Badger Rock Club goes on an adventure! This October the club ventured to Arkansas to mine for Arkansas Quartz!

Find the Badger Rock Club on Facebook at




Thank you for being a part of our Mystic Moraine Minerals Community! 

By joining our Exclusive Club, you receive monthly updates, club exclusive discounts, receive special birthday wishes and be the first to see what's new with Mystic Moraine. 

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