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Mystic Moraine and that Man behind the minerals.

The Nexus of Science and Spirit : Rocks, Minerals, Crystals, Fossils and Good Company! 

Mystic Moraine Minerals founder and Wisconsin native Jack Hoxie has lead a life long journey of learning all things geologic. Starting as a collector and enthusiast as a child, he began selling minerals at regional shows 20 years ago, mostly at his family's insistence. Today he owns and operates Wisconsin's largest rock shop, our very own Mystic Moraine Minerals in Janesville, and sells rocks and minerals at shows 40 weekends a year including the world's largest mineral show in Tuscon AZ.

Mystic Moraine Minerals boasts 2000 square feet of all things rocks, minerals, crystals and more. "I try to have something here at the shop for everyone and I love geology because there is always something new to learn," Hoxie said. Jack has put his heart and soul into Mystic Moraine Minerals and it has become a place where the public can come to learn and enjoy the minerals Jack adores.

When visiting the shop you will find our main room full of minerals from all over the world. The side room is full to the brim with raw material for collectors, tumblers, lapidary workers and more. Visitors can also purchase and crack their own geode on site, or even enjoy a free geode on their birthday. Don't forget to peek in the glow room to see our UV reactive minerals too! 

Stop in for your favorite mineral and you are sure to learn something new along the way.

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