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Arkansas, Keokuk, Florida OH MY!

December 2023


Where in the World are Jack and Melissa?

Jack and Melissa spent the majority of November adventuring all over the midwest. Their first stop was Arkansas to mine for Arkansas quartz. Hours of digging were rewarded with piece after stunning piece of gorgeous quartz of all different sizes.

Then on to Keokuk, Iowa to dig for geodes and a stop at Dr. Getwell's Bar and Grill for some good eats!

Our favorite rock hounds rounded out their November travels with a personal trip to Florida for some much needed rest and relaxation.

At the end of their journey, the good ol' Mystic Moraine van came home packed with exciting new pieces ready for our friends and customers to enjoy. Stop in to the store to see the amazing new quartz clusters and geodes for yourself!


New Mystic Moraine Minerals - Online Store!

We now have minerals on our website! These pieces are specially chosen with our customers in mind. Many pieces in our web collection have never seen the sales floor and are exclusive to the website. We have shipping and pick up options provided for your convenience. You can shop with confidence knowing the piece you purchase in the online store is the exact one you will receive.

You can also explore all the Mystic Moraine Mineral merchandise and mineral themed items and gifts. Stickers, apparel, drink-ware, accessories and so much more with new designs coming soon! Snag a decal for your car to show your support for the rock shop you love, or "Keep calm and Rock on" with a tote bag to carry all your goodies.

Visit our website at to see all that our new online shop has to offer.


New stock at Mystic Moraine!!

The first wave of Arkansas Quartz from Jack and Melissa's trip has been processed and is ready to go to their new homes. These beautiful crystal clusters range from chunky clear points, to sharp angled pieces with iron infused extras.

We also welcomed an army of Baby Groots from the wonderful Kieth Christy at World Circle. Each donning a dyed quartz crown in a variety of different colors. After so many of you wanted our shop Groots for yourselves, we decided to snag some for our customers that you can take home and make your own.

We also have some new consignment pieces from our mounted geode artist. These quartz plates, new mounted slices, and mounted geodes are perfect for any home or office.


December's Mineral of the Month - Apophyllite

Apophyllite, potassium-calcium fluoride-silicate mineral that is related structurally to the zeolite family of aluminosilicates. Like the zeolites, it has a high water content, although apophyllite has no aluminum in its chemical composition. In many ways it is more like the micas. It is usually found as glassy, white to grayish crystals with zeolite minerals in basalt, granite, and gneiss.

Its name comes from the Greek for "away from" (ἀπό, apo) and "leaf" (φύλλον, phyllos), in allusion to the way it exfoliates upon heating.

Learn more about this mineral at

Below is a gorgeous piece of Green Apophyllite and Stilbyte from India that we have available for sale on our website.


Let's wish a very Happy Birthday to our December birthday members!

  • December 2nd - Bob P

  • December 6th - Elise G

  • December 14th - Katie W

  • December 18th - Jodi D

  • December 18th - Ella E

  • December 28th - Rae R


Monday Night Mineral Madness Update!

Our beloved Monday night live show is getting a revamp starting December 4th at 7pm! New lighting and set-up but still your favorite hosts and the minerals you love!

We hope that our new set up will provide a clearer watching experience for our viewers while offering our team easier organization on the back end.

For those unfamiliar with our Monday Mineral Madness live shows, join us every Monday night starting at 7pm central standard time for our Facebook Live Rock Show. Most of the pieces on our Monday night show are brand new inventory that has never seen the sales floor.

We offer a variety of statement pieces, pocket stones, and minerals from all over the world!

Join us for rocks, mineral facts, bad jokes and laughs all around!


New Service Offered - Personal Shopper

Just in time for the holidays, we at Mystic Moraine want to offer our help to make your shopping to-do list a little easier.

Want to shop for a loved one but can't get to the store? Why not let us shop for you! Want to surprise yourself with an intuitively chosen gift box full of amazing minerals? We can send you photos and work with you to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Contact us through email, Instagram or Facebook Messenger with your ideas and what you might be looking for. It could be as vague or as specific as you'd like.

  • A member of our team will provide photos, suggestions and pricing that respects your budget.

  • When you have decided on the perfect pieces our team will send you an invoice and can ship your gift anywhere in the United States to its intended receiver, or have it available for pick up from the store.

  • We can even gift wrap your items for an additional fee.

Learn more about our personal shopper service at



Geodes are spherical rocks that contain hollow cavities lined with crystals. The name geode comes from the Greek word Geoides, which means "earth-like." These unique rocks can be formed in a variety of ways.

Mystic Moraine has many geodes, some intact, some pre-cracked and even already polished. The most fun though are the ones you can crack yourself! We currently have stock of Keokuk geodes, sugar geodes and candy geodes. Each hide a special formation of minerals on the inside just waiting to be discovered. Some even contain water! With our "Crack-o-nator" we can crack open your geode with ease right in the store!

Did you know that all birthdays are celebrated with a free geode at Mystic Moraine? You or your loved one can come in the month of your birthday and crack a crystal filled geode completely free of charge.


Badger Rock Club - Christmas Party

Join us for our annual Holiday Party on Saturday, December 9th, starting at 2:30 pm, at World Buffet in Madison. (499 Donofrio Dr, Madison, WI) Please understand that this party is for Badger Club Members only and is not open to the public. All the more reason to be a club member!

We will eat first, hold a short meeting, elect officers for 2024 and then play the famous Gold Brick Game!!

For members attending, please bring 2 - 3, inexpensive, well packaged & wrapped gifts if you would like to participate in the Gold Brick Game. Watch your email for more details.

Please RSVP and let us know how many will be in your party so that we have an idea of how many to expect.

Join the Badger Rock Club every 2nd Saturday at the community room at Festival Foods (2233 Humes Rd, Janesville, WI) at 10:30 am for monthly meetings.

The Badger Rock Club was created to stimulate the interest of its members and the general public in the study of Mineralogy, Geology, Paleontology, and Archaeology.

  • Family Membership $20 per year

  • Single Membership $15 per year

Membership forms are available in store at Mystic Moraine Minerals.


Events right here at Mystic Moraine Minerals in Janesville, Wisconsin

We are looking for crafters, educators, and fellow mineral fans who may have interest in hosting an event in our newly refreshed back room. Whether it be teaching a wire-wrapping class, or crafting crystal trees, we would love to foster your talent and bring creativity to our Mystic Moraine community. Contact the store today for more information.




Thank you for being a part of our Mystic Moraine Minerals Community! 

By joining our Exclusive Club, you receive monthly updates, club exclusive discounts, receive special birthday wishes and be the first to see what's new with Mystic Moraine. 

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